Home Up


OK Construction has begun on 

   Greenville Maryland!!!!  

Anybody know where there a store that carries the entire line of Life-Like products? 

As of 12-28-01

Nothing new!  Still collecting information.  Should start in the spring on building the new garden.

Pictures below can be clicked on for larger images.

As of 02-26-2001. 

The Car track is laid out and we are ready for some trains!

Finally I have some Trains and Cars!  A long ways to go but they are a rolling!

My wife has been having a blast racing on the tracks.,...  I may have to rethink the layout of the track in order to keep the HO scale race cars from destroying the layout.

The HO scale cars I had back in the 70's!  and the new HO scale track for the car races we'll have also. 


Track Lighting and Basic table was laid out on 02-26-2001